National Reading Plan

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The Department for Culture and Communication Media presents the Reading Promotion Plan to improve the reading habits and the literacy competence among the population. Parallel to this, the Plan stresses specifically the promotion of reading in Catalan language, with the conviction that reading is a tool for national progress and social cohesion. Having a good literacy competence is fundamental for the nations willing to stand out in the knowledge society.

The Reading Promotion Plan is carried out since 2008 with the intention of giving continuity and permanence to the policies in this area. The involvement of the greater number of actors possible (Catalan Government and other Administrations, organizations and companies related to reading, organizations and companies from other sectors) is sought.

Keys elements of the diagnosis of this issue:

  1. Reading habits and literacy competence in Catalonia are clearly improvable.
  2. There are difficulties to expand reading habits and literacy competence.
  3. A need to encourage media presence and social projection of reading is detected.
  4. The Public Libraries Network in Catalonia is very strong and the educational world, local institutions and civil society in Catalonia have a large experience in good practices to promote reading.

To improve this situation the Plan wants:

  1. To reinforce existing programs promoted by the Department for Culture and Communication Media and also by the civil society.
  2. To create new programs to promote reading by the Department.
  3. To initiate a collective mobilization around the objectives of the Plan, counting on the implication of other departments of the Government, other Administrations, companies and associations of the sector and organizations of the civil society.
  4. To create a Reading Promotion Plan Office, dependent on the ILC, to coordinate all the actions.


Objectives and lines of work

The objectives of the Reading Promotion Plan are:
  1. To promote reading as a fundamental tool for the citizenship to have access to knowledge.
  2. To improve the reading population index, the reading habits and their intensity in any type of format.
  3. To implement measures to facilitate access to reading to public in general.
  4. To improve the reading habits and literacy competence in Catalan language.
  5. To raise awareness among the Catalan society on the importance of reading as a tool for national progress and social cohesion.

The plan focuses on the following lines of work:
  1. Work with the public in general. Actions in habitual reading places (libraries, schools, universities) with the aim to increase the reading indexes and literacy competence.
  2. Work in reading places. Mass actions to increase the reading indexes and to attract new readers.
  3. Specific strategies of communication and dissemination. Dissemination actions of the essential messages of the Reading Promotion Plan: benefits that are derived from the acquisition of reading habits, and reading as a factor for national progress and social cohesion.
  4. Creation of resources and tools to promote reading. Actions to reinforce structural elements of the Reading Promotion Plan, such as prescribers training, databases of good practices and other reference items for the Plan development.

Evaluation 2008 - 2010

After the two first years of application of the Government Reading Promotion Plan, motivated by the Department for Culture and Communication Media and coordinated by the ILC, it is a good time to evaluate, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the different actions carried out.
An evaluation of the activities of the Plan carried out between 2008 and 2010 can be found in the attached document. All the actions organized directly by the different units of the Department for Culture and Communication Media (ILC, Sub-Directorate General of Libraries, Secretary of the Communication Media), as well as the activities organized by other entities, with similar objectives to the Plan, and that counted with the collaboration of the Reading Promotion Plan Office are included in this document.
This information is complemented with different waves of the Communication and Culture Barometer carried out by the Fundacc.

Dossier evaluation. (2008 - 2010)